Emily Klug

While at the Madison Spring Hut I made a trip to the restroom – “Good for you” – you are probably thinking… “Why do I care?” – another very good point! It is, in fact, irrelevant if it  wasn’t for the interesting little piece of info I learned! Have you have heard of Emily Klug?   Emily was a German born lady that worked as a nurse in NY for 20+ years and that loved the White Mountains. Now for the awesome part about her life – she used to spend her vacation hiking the White Mountains alone, in the 1930s!! Pretty impressive!

She carried a small bag and, when going uphill, used to tie a knot on her long skirt between her legs and fill the “side pockets” with her stuff. She slept on the trail in a half sleeping bag and carried a small camera to document her trip.

The idea of a woman hiking by herself in the 30s is pretty cool! I’m sure she was way ahead of her time 🙂 How cool must have been to actually meet this lady!! (She passed away in Germany in 1961)

Emily Klug AMC File Photo

(Photo is by Harold Orne, from Appalachia, June 1961, p. 400. Found on http://whitemountainsojourn.blogspot.com/2012/11/11-12-12-pemi-traverse-still-being.html)


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