Flume and Liberty – June 20 2015

This was the 1st trip to the White Mountains and the 1st 4000 footer of this season, back in June.

The trail is well-marked and rough in some spots, but overall it is a nice hike.

IMG_2678 IMG_2689 IMG_2698 IMG_2710

The summits are small and it felt cramped, it was loud and busy… People talking really loud, phones ringing… And this brings me to “trail etiquette” or as I would simply call it  “common sense”! It is not that hard!!

Here are some important “rules” to have in mind:

  • Yield to uphill traffic. Going up is hard work and changing speeds may break your momentum, needless to say, who is going up should have the right of way. However, you’ll probably find that a lot of people going up will welcome a break and signal for downhill hikers to pass them. We do it often 🙂 but remember, it should be their choice, so yield for who’s going uphill.
  • Groups should yield to individuals or pairs, even if going uphill, and walk in a single line, not blocking the whole trail.
  • As on the road, stay to the right on the trail and pass on the left.
  • If someone is hiking faster than you, just let them pass. If you’re the one going faster, don’t walk on someone’s heels, wait for a good spot to pass and excuse yourself when you do.
  • Greet other hikers as you pass by. You don’t need to start a conversation, a “Good Morning”, “Hello”, a simple smile or nod are enough.
  • Leave no trace (talk all your trash with you. It amazes me when we find trash on the trail… we always get home with extra trash, we can’t just leave it there).
  • Stay on the trail – avoid stepping on vegetation or creating your own trail just because you don’t want to climb that rock, go through that puddle or walk on mud.
  • Limit the use of your electronic devices… Remember that you are not the only one on the trail and that the main reason why most of us hike is to enjoy peace and quiet. The last thing we want to hear is your cellphone ringing and your conversations. If you absolutely must make/take a call, keep it short and your voice as low as possible.

Happy trails!



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