Mount Willey, Field and Tom – August 1 2015

W. and I started August knocking three 4000 footers out of the way in Whitefield, NH. Mount Willey, Field and Tom.

As there is really no loop, we were just going to turn around and head back the same way, however, as the weather threatened some rain and thunder/lightning we ended up descending through the Avalon trail and enjoying the cascades and brooks along the way. We got a ride (thanks Mike from NH), otherwise it would have been around 4 miles [busy] road walk to where we parked.

Mount Willey’s ascent was the toughest and after going up the ladders, going down that way was really not something I was looking forward to 🙂

IMG_2913 (3) IMG_2915 (3) IMG_2920 (3) IMG_2918 (3) IMG_2921 (3) IMG_2922 (3) IMG_2923 (3) IMG_2924 (3) IMG_2926 (3) IMG_2931 (3) IMG_2940 (2) IMG_2941 (2) IMG_2946 (2) IMG_2945 (2) IMG_2948 (2)

Happy trails!



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