Cheating our way up Mount Washington

It has been months since the last entry… unfortunately, to me that means that the hiking season is over but that shouldn’t mean that the writing needs to stop. (we may in the future try winter hiking, but this is will not be the year for that 😉 )

We did end up heading up Mount Washington for a second time, on September 26th, although we cheated all the way 🙂 We got together with family and experienced the 3-hour guided train tour on the Mount Washington Cog Railway (you can choose to take the three-hour round trip in a vintage coach powered by a historic steam locomotive or the more modern and eco-friendly biodiesel engines, we chose the biodiesel. Trips are really popular, so if you plan on doing this, book in advance). It was a lot a fun and we couldn’t have asked for a better day – the weather was PERFECT! The sky was blue, the sun was shining and we were excited!

I must confess that although fun, the thrill of getting to the top was not really there, but the view was impressive and our tour guide was a riot!

The adventure starts at Marshfield Base Station, located at 2700′ above sea level, where you can buy your tickets, visit the gift shop and grab something to eat. There is also a little informative museum with old pictures, memorabilia and information about the Cog Railway’s history. (And this is also where you can purchase the “group picture” taken before you board.)


While you wait to board, take a minute to check out the Old Peppersass

All aboard and let the fun begin!

When at the top, make sure you visit the Tip Top House (open daily at 10 am to 4 pm from Memorial Day Weekend to Columbus Day.  It is closed on days with snow, rain and winds over 70mph.)

Before we made it back home, we stopped at Fabyan’s Station, and old train depot turned restaurant. It has a really nice patio, good food and friendly staff 🙂

(in a really rainy Sunday, nothing better than going back through pictures of sunny warm summer days!!)

Happy Trails!



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