One of my favorite hikes

This was (and still is) one of my favorite hikes. It’s been a few years since we did it and it still is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever did (2011). It included North & South Twins, West Bond, Bond and Bondcliff for a total of 20 miles and five 4,000 foot peaks in the Pemigewasset Wilderness in New Hampshire. It traverses the amazing Bondcliff Ridge which divides the Pemi right in the middle and provides amazing 360 degree views.

We took our time and divided it into 2.5 days. You will need 2 vehicles – We hiked North to South so we left one car at the Lincoln Woods parking lot and the other at the parking area at the North Twin trail (on US 3 N).

You’ll start by crossing water and following North Twin trail to the summit of North Twin (4761) and the North Twin Spur to the summit of South Twin (4902). These were our summits for the day, before heading to the Gyot campsite (this campsite has a caretaker and it’s $8 per person).


The next morning we headed to the Bonds – West Bond (4540), Bond (4698) and Bondcliff (4265).  At Bond, the view of the ridge ahead is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!And at Bondcliff, you can enjoy the awesome cliffs and maybe venture to a picture on the rock (I passed 😉 ) Words and even picture aren’t enough to describe the beauty and peace of this place. It is breathtaking!

We spent the night off trail and the next morning we had a pretty easy walk to the Lincoln Woods parking lot, through an old logging road, not before seeing some pristine pools and nice spots for a swim at the Franconia Falls.

This is not an easy hike, but is it certainly worth every single struggle, climb, and rocky path!!

Happy trails!




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