Last month we had to go to Boston, so we decided to stay for the weekend, why not? Boston is one of my favorite cities, 1h30m by train from here (yes, we are big fans of traveling by train if you haven’t noticed it yet 🙂 ) and full of stuff to do and see. A big city that, to me, has the charm of a smaller city, a mix of old and new that I love.

Cabaret was touring so it was a great opportunity to see another musical and, boy, was it worth every penny!! (Again, good seats are the way to go!) The cast was amazing and even though the stage/props and costumes weren’t as glamorous and intricate as Phantom of the Opera, this was another amazing show and the Boston Opera House is a beautiful venue! Worth going if you have a chance! Saturday night we went to see Lewis Black and that was hilarious! I will not get political here, but let’s just say that Mr. Black is not a fan of Trump and that the people next to me didn’t think that his material was as funny as I did…

We stayed at the Boston Park Plaza. A nice hotel with an awesome location where we had stayed before, but this time the experience was not so great… Unfortunately, there was a high school thing going on so the noise, slamming doors and kids running around and screaming ’til the wee hours was ridiculous and the way the hotel handled it (or didn’t handle it) makes me have mixed feelings about going back/recommending the place…

Contrary to any trip, I didn’t take pictures 😦 The weather was really crappy and between the rain and the bitter cold, having to take off my gloves was not an option 😉 We need to go back in the Spring to finally walk the Freedom Trail, so when that happens I promise there will be pictures galore!

Happy trails,



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