Today marks a year since my mother-in-law was suddenly taken from us. It was unexpected, shocking and it still feels like a surreal dream… Lynn Arli Morin was a feisty woman, single mother of 3 boys for most of her life, nature and all creatures lover, fan of sun, shorts and bare feet… We will forever miss her laugh, her words of wisdom, and peculiar and awesome Christmas presents, her 6am calls to sign Happy Birthday…

My 1st encounter with death in a significant way was when I was 10 years old. On September 3, 1990 breast cancer won the battle against my mother and took her away. She had been sick for a while and although a lot of what happened during and after that period is pretty blurry in my mind there are certain moments that are pretty vivid in my head…

It is hard to describe what I felt then… it was a mix of “I don’t understand” with “when am I waking up from this nightmare?”… It was sad, and it hurt but it was actually worse years later when I felt her loss even more. It’s been 27 years and it still hurts, in a different way but it hurts all the same and not a day goes by that I don’t talk to my mom or think of her… I went through a few different phases from denial to anger, from sadness to self-pity, from anger again to acceptance (there was really nothing I could do about it). Today I look back and think of it as an inevitable part of life (but one that I had to experience too early), today I’m not mad at god anymore, I still don’t understand it, but I know I wouldn’t be the person that I am if I didn’t go through it…

My mother was a beautiful, calm, reserved human being that loved to sing, that used to sit on the left side of the couch and crochet… My brother has a lot of her traits (singing abilities included), me not so much… I have, from what people tell me, her looks… I can’t really see it, but I like to think that they are right.


(This is my mother… sometime in the late 60’s, early 70’s)

No matter how old you are, if you are lucky to still have your parents around…cherish them! Call them more, visit them more, tell them you love them more!


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  1. Que lindo texto Ana! ❤
    E que bonita era a tua mãe. 🙂 Ela continua, de certeza, a olhar por vós e a sentir-se muito orgulhosa dos filhos que tem.
    Beijinho grande!


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