Easter weekend

I grew up in a Catholic family, attended a catholic school during the 4 years of elementary school, went to church, confession, the whole 9 yards, until I was old enough to ask questions and find no answers that satisfied me… So I stopped going to church, I stopped “confessing my sins” to a 3rd party (whatever those were at 10 years old), but that doesn’t mean that I stopped believing. I still have my faith, my believes, they just don’t materialize in the figure of a man who died for us and came back…Anyway, this is not a religious post by any means… Point is, Easter for me was and is just an excuse to get together with family 🙂 (I do miss the fact that in Portugal I had a long weekend, Good Friday is a holiday there).

Did you all enjoy your weekend? Ours was nice and quiet with  gorgeous weather (today was in the 80’s!!! Too bad that in a couple of days it will go back to 40s and 50s… but, that’s Maine for you!) and an attempt to making rag dolls…. This about sums up the weekend 🙂

Happy Easter,



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