The worst hike (so far…anyway)

So, I really enjoy hiking and even though a few of the hikes we’ve done were tough, there’s always something very rewarding and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the end. Well, not with every hike though… In July of 2012 we tackled Mt. Tripyramid loop in the Sandwich Range Wilderness in NH and that was, by far, the worst hike I’ve ever done.  In this 11 mile hike you will come across North Peak (4,180 feet), Middle Peak (4,140 feet) and South Peak (4,100 feet) (hence Tripyramid).


If, by whatever reason, you decide to hike this  mountain, I would recommend going up the North side and down the South… if you have hiked this, you know what I’m talking about 🙂  Be ready to get your mountain goat mode on and don’t look down! And be EXTREMELY careful!!!!  A really big chunk of the “trail” is made up of steep rock slabs… terrain that you probably should climb with rope and all happy stuff… It was scary, it was tough, it was nerve wrecking but we did it – and no, I do not have any desire to do it again…. After all the hard work you are rewarded with wooded summits which makes for a pretty disappointing climb, in my humble opinion… (I like to be rewarded with breathtaking views after putting my life at risk 😉 )

I did sit down every once in a while on the way to snap some pictures…

This was so far the worst, scariest hike we’ve done… although the Southern Presidential Range had a pretty hairy section, but that’s a topic for another post… Stay tuned 🙂

Happy trails,



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