I am a big fan of words… Language is, in my opinion, a beautiful thing! No matter what language(s) you speak, words are magic – they can heal, they can hurt, they can inspire, make you cry, make you laugh… they can tell a story, take you to imaginary places, to places near or far, they can express feelings, opinions… Well, you get my point! That’s why I cringe when I see words being butchered, tortured, murdered right in front of my eyes and ears… and that is why I hate when people use “words” that don’t exist… make up words, short versions of perfectly fine words… now people are always in such a hurry that even words have to be shortened!

“This food is delish” – arrghhh

“This show is my fave” – ahhhhh

“I totes agree with you” – WHAT?

(I won’t even get into text abbreviations… it’s like trying to decipher code)

Anyway… this is just one of the things that really annoys me… Maybe I’ll start writing a weekly post on things that irritate me… What about you? What things do you find annoying?




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